1138. Design-To-Cost Methodology


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G H Sandler, B I Rachowitz: 1138. Design-To-Cost Methodology. In: 35th Annual Conference, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, May 24-26, pp. 23, Society of Allied Weight Engineers, Inc., Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 1976.



In today's highly cost conscious atmosphere, it is extremely important for all sectors of the Aerospace Industry to develop methods which will allow us to understand the factors that drive costs in all phases of a program's life cycle. At Grumman we have developed a Design-To-Cost Methodology for establishing and designing to Design-To-Cost/Life Cycle Cost goals.
This paper is an overview of Grumman's Design-To-Cost developed methodology. It covers the establishment of DTC/LCC goals, and the fact that we feel the engineer is key in the Design-To-Cost process and describes the tools we have developed to permit the design engineer to trade cost and performance, rapidly, during the design process. Examples of trades withing and between subsystems are included, as well as the management tools for specifying Design-To-Cost requirements and tracking Design-To-Cost targets. Also discussed are practical examples of applications on programs and management training involved in making it a success.


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