1155. Carry-on Baggage Review


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J R McCarty: 1155. Carry-on Baggage Review. 1977.



In the fall of 1976 United Airlines undertook a review of the carry-on baggage situation. General concern was accelerated by FAA questions concerning the effect of a carry-on baggage rack in some of our airplanes. Though several peripheral questions were raised by the study the basic findings, concerning carry-on baggage, appear to be we1l founded and the validity of the survey data has not been questioned. The industry standard, established i n 1958 and reviewed in 1965, is a carry-on allowance of 5 pounds per passenger based on 0.40 bags per passenger a t 12.3 pounds per bag. The results of our 1976/77 survey show a requirement for 12.6 pounds per passenger based on 1.19 bags per passenger at 10.58 pounds per bag. In another sense whereas approximately 36% of the passengers carried in 1958, we now find about 80% carrying.


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