1176. The Aerodynamic Vane Control Aircraft for V/STOL


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J E Raha: 1176. The Aerodynamic Vane Control Aircraft for V/STOL. In: 36th Annual Conference, San Diego, California, May 9-12, pp. 24, Society of Allied Weight Engineers, Inc., San Diego, California, 1977.



This paper is a description of Grumman's two-engine, two-fan V/STOL Design 698 for ASW/AEW missions. After a brief discussion of the Nutcracker, a predecessor design, the paper presents a description of the unique configuration features of Design 698 rather than attempting to summarize the entire V/STOL program. Concepts discussed include the V/STOL nacelle, composites applications, engine sizing philosophy and the conformal radar, Weight statements and summaries of VTOL weight increments are included,


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