1207. Weight Optimization – A New Challenge of Weight Engineering


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A K Leitl: 1207. Weight Optimization – A New Challenge of Weight Engineering. 1978.



The Boeing Vertol Company, in striving for newer and better performing aircraft, has developed and implemented a new management system in support of aircraft weight optimization. This system is designed to be an engineering, management, and vendor control system to obtain maximum weight optimization performance in the design of an aircraft. An independent weight optimization group has been established within weight technology to control this function. Comparative tests have shown performance benefits of 10 to 20 percent improvements in empty weight compared to the old approach. It also showed that crash weight reduction programs, including associated problems, are no longer necessary. This new system was developed from experience gained on successful commercial and military aircraft weight control programs. Its effectiveness has received favorable comments from Boeing management, customers, and vendors alike. The long-range plan is to offer this system as part of future military contracts.
This paper includes many useful hints for effective weight control. The approach, procedures, and techniques which are discussed can be tailored to any design program and can be adapted to any engineering department. Subjects discussed in the paper include the following highlights:
– Why a new weight optimization approach was necessary (old approach, problems, and reasons for the problems
– The objective defined and approach used to implement the new weight control system at Boeing Vertol
– A description of the new weight optimization function
– Examples of various weight optimization procedures, techniques, and requirements successfully adapted on past and current Boeing design programs
– Example of a current design program which clearly demonstrates. the advantages of the new approach


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