1220. Mass Data – Integrated in a Hardware Related Data Organization


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D Alwes: 1220. Mass Data – Integrated in a Hardware Related Data Organization. 1978.



In the various projects problems in recording of mass data appear frequently: the mass statistic is isolated from the part lists and is very often related only to one project. To trace back the data is difficult, if there is no definite relation to the hardware that means related to part lists and drawing systems.
A possibility of solution for a systematic recording and controlling of mass data is a data bank, based on a modular parts list organization, which can be used independent of the various projects as far as possible.
The ERNO Company has developed a data bank, called ‘MSO’ (Maschinelle Sachdaten Organization), which is qualified to combine parts lists, drawings, mass data, material data, etc.
The data bank structure of the MSO allows combining mass data on mounting level and on subsystem level. This seems to be very important, if a customer gives out a work order distinguished between diverse subsystems.
Subroutines with access to the MSO combine masses, CG’s, moments of inertia, etc. of the parts for each level.


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