1256. Compatibility in Car-To-Car Frontal Collisions


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R Wagner: 1256. Compatibility in Car-To-Car Frontal Collisions. 1978.



This paper will show a simple test procedure in which any desired car-to-car frontal collision can be replaced by a car-to-barrier collision. The test parameters can be defined on the basis of readily available car specifications, i.e. the car mass and the deformation of the frontal structure in a 30 mph fixed-barrier crash.
The test procedure is confirmed by the results of a real car-to-car crash and a car-to-barrier crash. A market analysis will supply the frequency distribution of the car masses and the dynamic crush of their frontal structures in the field. If the thus provided data are applied to the test procedure, a crash test procedure permitting the introduction of passive safety features specifically adapted to the automotive conditions in a given market will be obtained.


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