1267. Influence of Carbon Technology on Weight and Cost of a Fighter Wing


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P E Seibert, F J Arendts: 1267. Influence of Carbon Technology on Weight and Cost of a Fighter Wing. 1978.



A study was performed aiming to evaluate the best structural concept for a composite fighter wing to achieve maximum weight savings and keep the costs as they are for a metal wing. It was decided, by reasons of costs,to use only carbon-composite and no boron-composite although boron has some advantage in the upper compression wing panel. Another restriction was to use a technology that is almost available to have the option to test and fly the wing in the early 80’s.
The work was done in two phases.
During phase I, a preliminary phase, a lot of different structural wing box concepts and particularly wing fuselage attachment concepts have been schemed and analysed. At the end of phase I four concepts have been selected for a deeper investigation.
In phase II, these four concepts have been designed, stressed and weighted. For the two most promising concepts, costs have been evaluated.
This paper presents the results of that study.


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