1287. CAD/CAM Applications Using the Computervision Design Graphics System


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B H Oman, R J Velazquez: 1287. CAD/CAM Applications Using the Computervision Design Graphics System. 1979.



Industry commitment to Computer Aided Design and Computer Aided Manufacturing
(CAD/CAM), in terms of allocated personnel and capital resources, has been greatly intensified during the past decade. This mass involvement by industry created a demand for computer based capability. Technology advances have resulted in a rapid growth rate of design graphic systems to support CAD/CAM implementation. An introduction to design graphics systems relative to CAD/CAM applications is presented. Emphasis is placed on the role of the design graphics system within the overall design process with specific discussions on the Computervision Design Graphics System. The Computervision Designer I11 system hardware and software capabilities are discussed in detail, as well as the current configuration and utilization at Convair. Results address design and drawing application for avionics printed circuit boards and electronic packaging and structural/mechanical applications for beams, frames, bulkheads, and mechanics.


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