1289. In-Orbit Test Requirements for Initial Large Space Structures (LSS) Demonstration Flight


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W R Herling: 1289. In-Orbit Test Requirements for Initial Large Space Structures (LSS) Demonstration Flight. 1979.



NASA is planning an LSS demonstration flight in the mid 1980’s. This shuttle mission combines the fabrication and assembly of an LSS satellite with the flight test of the Automated Beam Builder (ABB) – the machine used to produce the satellite’s structural members. A significant part of this flight is dedicated to gathering data needed to verify structural, dynamic and thermal analytical models of the structure. The specific requirements for in-space testing resulting from these data needs, as well as the resulting test program and methodology, are the subjects of this paper.
Three groups of tests are planned for this flight. They are:
– Verification of both the ABB operation and the quality of beam produced
– Determining the structural/thermal and structural/dynamic responses of the beam produced by the ABB
– LSS assembly and handling techniques in addition to determination of the satellite’s structural response to dynamic and thermal stimuli
These tests are discussed in addition to proposed instrumentation required to sense and record the data. Test sequencing rationale is also discussed as is the impact of the test program on overall flight duration. Areas related to the flight tests requiring further development are identified.


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