1290. The Modular Life Cycle Cost Model – An Overview


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B I Rachowitz, N Sternberger: 1290. The Modular Life Cycle Cost Model – An Overview. 1979.



In recent years the dramatic increase in the cost of developing, producing, and supporting our Weapon Systems has created a need for up-front cost/ design tradeoffs.
With the limited amount of data available early in preliminary design, the need for parametric tools and techniques, capable of accomplishing these tradeoffs became apparent.
This presentation will provide an overview of the first subsystem level Life Cycle Cost Model for advanced aircraft. The Modular Life Cycle Cost Model for Advanced Aircraft Systems (MLCCM) developed by Grumman Aerospace Corporation under contract to the Air Force Flight Dynamics Laboratory provides the above capability.
The HLCCM Cost Estimating Relationships (CER’S) are based on design parameters which are available during conceptual and preliminary design phases of an advanced technology aircraft program. The MLCCM was developed to provide design engineers with a tool and the capability to effectively conduct design/cost/performance trade studies of advanced fighter/attack and cargo/transport aircraft, in determining the cost impact of design decisions on Life Cycle Cost at the major sub-system level. With this knowledge, optimization of performance and cost across the entire life cycle will be achieved.
The MLCC Master Control Program is installed, checked out, and operating on both Air Force and Navy computer systems and was validated with excellent results


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