1326. Weight Impact of VTOL


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S Kalemaris, P York: 1326. Weight Impact of VTOL. 1979.



This paper studies the weight increments associated with vertical takeoff and landing capability as compared to conventional (horizontal) takeoff and landing (CTOL). Weight increments for various physical and ground rule requirements that transform a CTOL aircraft into a VTOL aircraft are evaluated. In order to fully understand the weight increments, preliminary designs of comparable CTOL aircraft are examined, along with Grumman’S VTOL designs. The ‘VTOL weight penalty’ for shipboard operation is further defined by a study of the weight penalty for carrier basing a CTOL aircraft. The total effect of VTOL on subsonic aircraft, with low thrust required for CTOL, is presumably different from the effect on high performance supersonic aircraft with mission demands close to the VTOL requirement, and this difference is addressed. Finally, consideration is given to possible additional mission requirements for CTOL aircraft that stem from the difference in operational capability.


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