1345. An Interactive Weight Accounting Program (IWAP)


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P R Kraus: 1345. An Interactive Weight Accounting Program (IWAP). 1980.



The Interactive Weight Accounting Program (IWAP) has been developed by McDonnell Aircraft Company, division of the McDonnell Douglas Corp., as a total system for the collection and reporting of mass properties data. IWAP is a series of online computer programs selectively activated by the user through an IBM system/370 MVS/TSO (Time Sharing Option) direct access connection. It allows the user to interactively add, modify, or delete drawing related data contained in the system and generate a variety of different weight, balance, and inertia reports by his own initiation. The primary language used to allow the interactive editing of data by the user is Fortran; whereas the data sorting and report generation functions employ a McDonnell Douglas Automation Company commercial software package called MRCS (Multiple Report Creation System). This paper describes the overall functions and capabilities of IWAP as well as some of the features, which make it unique to the industry.


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