1407. Fuel – Efficient Air Travel for the 1980’s


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R Jenson: 1407. Fuel – Efficient Air Travel for the 1980’s. 1981.



Rapidly increasing fuel costs have resulted in flight crew layoffs and retirement of fuel-inefficient aircraft as the airlines strive to remain profitable. The traveling public is faced with fewer flights, many sold out weeks in advance, and higher fares. To remain economically viable, the fuel efficiency of transport aircraft must be continually improved. Advances in aircraft configuration, materials, propulsion, systems and operations are reviewed to obtain estimates of the potential reduction in fuel usage. Estimated fuel usage for advanced turbofan- and propfan-powered aircraft are compared to a late 1960s design to show the effects of improved fuel efficiency. For the advanced propfan, the fuel consumption per seat nautical mile can be less than one-half that of current wide-body aircraft.


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