1413. Progress Through AMP


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B Harden, J Harden: 1413. Progress Through AMP. 1981.



The Mass Properties Engineers at General Dynamics Ft Worth perform many tasks using progressive methods and techniques with the Advance Mass Properties (AMP) Programs. The Cyber Computer, System and terminal access allows calculations, record keeping, report preparation, chart work, and graphic displays through video tube and hard copy accessories to be performed within minutes of request for information. The transition from ‘Patient’ participation in the computer world to ‘interactive’ participation permits the engineer to improve programs and procedures in the normal course of a work day. Advances are rapid and each results in progress to other changes. However, the computer is a tool that must be used with programming skills and handling techniques. Designing files and output format to serve special purposes are required talents of computer users. General Dynamics Ft Worth introduces some for these progressive steps.


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