1418. Corrosion – Its Impact on Life Cycle Cost


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R J Eberl: 1418. Corrosion – Its Impact on Life Cycle Cost. 1981.



This paper addresses the subject of corrosion military aircraft from a weight and cost standpoint.
The subjects of materials, environment and coatings are discussed and evaluated in terms of total
Life Cycle Cost. A life cycle cost model, which is a method for performing conceptual and preliminary
cost analysis, was utilized to evaluate the effect of aircraft maintenance cost due to corrosion.
Knowing how the relationship between materials, environment and coatings affect the maintenance cost
will help the designer choose between his available options to combat corrosion at the lowest cost.
This paper describes an environmental rating which is determined using distance to the sea, rainfall
and quantity of sulfur dioxide in the atmosphere as parameters. It also addresses a means by which
percentages of materials (aluminum, titanium, steel, fiberglass and magnesium) can be used to establish
a corrodibility rating due to a mixture of materials and the effort of various coatings . Each of these
variables can be independently evaluated to determine the life cycle cost impact. Examples of life cycle
cost due to coating weight, aircraft environment, changes and materials are given.


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