1419. Benefits Analysis Evaluation Procedure


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R S St. John: 1419. Benefits Analysis Evaluation Procedure. 1981.



Accurate evaluation of technology pay-off and design options is one of the most significant
problems faced by the engineering program manager. Factors such as super salesmanship,
emotion, personal biases and conservatism frequently turn the decision making process into a
seemingly endless series of complex trade studies. The trade study results are frequently
difficult to interpret and it is not unusual for the true answer to lie under three fee of
computer output. The end result can be the adoption of an advanced technology early in the
design stage, only to have it eliminated in the later stages of the design process, after
considerable expenditure of time and manpower.
This paper discusses one aspect of a Vought Mass Properties group development effort on
Benefit Analysis Evaluation Procedures. The goal of this method development effort is to derive
systematic procedures to accurately and efficiently evaluate advanced technologies and design
option at the earliest stage of the design process. The procedures emphasize practicality and
simplicity and the output is specifically tailored to enhance the management decision making
process. Vought’s benefits analysis procedures consist of three facets:
1) Technology evaluation
2) Value of a pound evaluation
3) Risk analysis
This paper addresses only the first facet. The paper includes three examples of the application
of the Vought procedure.


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