1463. Description of the Interactive Submarine Ballast Program


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B L Batchelor: 1463. Description of the Interactive Submarine Ballast Program. 1982.



This paper is intended to document and provide a user’s guide for the Interactive Submarine Ballast Program developed initially by NAVSEA code 32122. The Interactive Submarine Ballast Program allows an engineer to execute a computation cycle to determine the stability and trim ballast requirement of a submarine. At the beginning of each cycle of calculation the engineer has the option of modifying the input parameters. The scope of this paper will cover the software and hardware requirements of the program and a basic discussion of the algorithms used in the calculation cycle. Included in appendices are listings of an input file and a typical output resulting from the input file.
The source listing of the program is available to any user requesting it through the Naval Sea Systems Command code 32122 located in Arlington, Va. Due to the length of the listing, it was not included in the paper.


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