1514. Computer – Graphics an Overview the Stat of the Technology at General Dynamics Convair Division


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J Stahl: 1514. Computer – Graphics an Overview the Stat of the Technology at General Dynamics Convair Division. 1983.



The Convair Division of General Dynamics Corporation is committed to the implementation of computer-graphics
into all phases of our design and manufacturing operations. This paper describes our experiences in starting
our CAD/CAM operation. It describes the growing pains, the management problems, and other related issues that
have shaped our current 0rganization and philosophy.
The corporate officers of General Dynamics share our commitment to computer-graphics, and they have put the
resources of the corporation into this commitment. All divisions and subsidiaries of General Dynamics are
involved in this developing technology, and this paper describes the interdivisional mechanisms and procedures
that promote that development. The sharing of CAD/CAM information throughout a large corporation and the
interchanges among the user community are also discussed.
The CAD side of the CAD/CAM expression is usually the first to be implemented. This was true at Convair Division.
The development of our design operations are described in this paper, along with the current relationship
between design and manufacturing regarding computer graphics. The design database that is prepared in our
engineering operations is frequently inappropriate for manufacturing purposes. The tailoring of three-
dimensional databases to meet the needs of specific operations is a subject of ongoing development, and that
issue will be addressed in this paper.
The training of a large user community is a critical issue. The skill of the individual user is the most
important facet of any CAD/CAM operation. This paper will describe our training programs and the resources that
we dedicate to training. Our user community of some 350 operators is our most valuable resource, and we are
continuing to polish and to enhance that resource. We are dedicated to a program of continuing education for
this user community.


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