1528. Glasswind Gemini; the Next Step


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J Hutton: 1528. Glasswind Gemini; the Next Step. 1983.



Glasswind brings the next step of modern technology to the homebuilt aircraft community at modest
construction and operational cost – truly advanced technology in the grasp of anyone. Gemini is a
two place, two engine general purpose airplane constructed of kevlar, kevlar/foam sandwich, and
reinforcement with graphite fiber where design sense allows. These materials in combination with
selection of two engines, careful configuration to mild and forgiving handling qualities, design
detail development, and load sizing to utility and aerobatic factors are all indicative of the goal
of paramount safety. Low operating cost is achieved by minimum weight design emphasis and selection
of an engine which provides high thrust-to-weight at reasonable fuel use rates. The cost of ownership
is reduced by incorporating a removable wing which features removal or installation in a few minutes
by one person and which permits storage of the airplane at home rather than a more expensive space at
an airfield. In this paper, the presentation of the configuration is supported by an in-depth description
of the preliminary design evolution and the design details which were the genesis of Gemini. Details of
design trade studies that produced the major minimum weight approaches featured in the structure are
shown. Careful attention was given to advanced material application that is easy for the hobby builder
to form into airframe structure with common tools.


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