1541. Common English Adjectives – A Tool for Management


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Y Manchanda: 1541. Common English Adjectives – A Tool for Management. 1983.



The job of a Manager is among the most exciting, challenging and rewarding careers a person can have.
To do the Management job efficiently requires updating old skills and the acquisition of new tools.
This paper provides one such new tool to the Manager for organizational harmony.
This paper consists of three major sections: What is Personality, What are Adjectives, and Awareness-
Self and Others. In the first section, dominant theories of personality are explained with special
references to Jung, Erikson and Berne. The second section deals with research done with common English
adjectives, especially by Gough, Williams, Manchanda and Beasley. The last section provides details of
the three parts of the new tool – an egogram, list of adjectives and scoring of adjectives.
The new tool can be used by Management at all levels. It is especially useful when a new person is being
brought in. During the process of the interview, the Manager can mark dominant adjectives of the interviewee,
plot the person is dominant energy source (egogram) and also plot compatibility egograms with the other
employee with whom the new employee would be working to determine prospects of organizational harmony.


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