1548. Cost and Weight Estimating Considerations for Transport Aircraft System Installations


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D P Marsh: 1548. Cost and Weight Estimating Considerations for Transport Aircraft System Installations. 1983.



Structural costs,like structural weights, have received a great amount of study resulting in computer
programs which are able to predict structural costs and provide cost analysis tradeoffs. Equipment
costs, as with equipment weights, are available from potential vendors. However the prediction of
installation costs (as well as installation weights) has received relatively little attention largely
because of the difficulty in obtaining reliable data and because of the dependance of the data on
detailed configuration design. However installation costs and weights comprise a significant portion
of corresponding overall aircraft values.
The fact that cost and weight are studied together results not only from the dependence of cost on
weight (for it will be shown that weight is only one of the correlating parameters considered) but
because the procedures used to develop cost estimating relationships (CER’s) are very similar to those
employed in developing weight estimating relationships (WER’s). In fact the primary difference between
the two processes stems from the lack of available detailed cost data on a variety of aircraft or even
on a given aircraft.
This paper compares and contrasts cost and weight estimating considerations for transport aircraft system
installations and gives an example of developing cost estimating relationships for pneumatic duct systems.
The CER’s are developed from a database consisting of spare parts cost data.


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