1572. Everything You Wanted to Know About Powder Metallurgy But Were Afraid to Ask


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K H Roll: 1572. Everything You Wanted to Know About Powder Metallurgy But Were Afraid to Ask. 1984.



In contrast to the subject to which this title eludes I doubt very much that anyone has ever really been afraid to ask anything about powder metallurgy except for one basic question: ‘What is it?’ Not, ‘How do you do it?’
Powder metallurgy is at once a technology and an industry; the industry consisting of the increasing number of companies engaged in the practice of powder metallurgy technology. Powder metallurgy or ‘P/M’ as it is more commonly referred to today, is also an ancient lost art, a rediscovered manufacturing process and a modern science. It’s a way of making a solid piece of metal from powder without melting it. It’s a way of combining metals with non-metals or combining elemental metals which are immiscible to create unique materials that combine the properties of all its constituents. It’s a way to vary under precisely controlled conditions the specific gravity or density of a metal; a property normally considered fixed and immutable. It’s a way of making a piece of metal appear solid yet be porous so it can function like a filter or a sponge. It’s a way of making complex shapes of any metal or alloy quickly, in great numbers, and with high precision at low cost.


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