1596. MAIS – A Mass Administration and Inquire System


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P K Woelk: 1596. MAIS – A Mass Administration and Inquire System. 1984.



The mais-system (mass administration and inquire system) is used as a mass control and – accounting system and is applicable to any project. The system can be used from the beginning of a project up to the inservice phase. The mais system secures that all informations needed for an effective mass control by the weights department, to provide the necessary data support to other departments, are available by the different programs of the total system. Special effort has been made to ensure a flexibility (e.g.:different mass standards on national and international programs with one ore more partners.
The total system is subdivided into three subsystems:
1. Program definition data : general project data,parameter codings,budget- and target masses.
2. Online programs: detail data handling and inquiries on released parts.
3. Batch programs: total a/c mass reports.


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