1617. AFTI MAW – Wing of the Future


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R W Rankin: 1617. AFTI MAW – Wing of the Future. 1984.



The Mission Adaptive Wing (MAW) concept Is being evaluated by a full-scale development flight test program, known as the AFTI/F-111. This concept has been under development for about ten years and is characterized by a wing that has the ability to change shape In-flight. Technological advancements in materials, mechanisms and electronic flight control systems have permitted the integration of these technologies into the mission adaptive wing for flight research.
The concept features smooth variable camber leading and trailing edge flaps that are automatically positioned to alter the wing airfoil geometry and provide optimum performance throughout the flight envelope. The variable camber concept is not new. What is new is the use of flexible skins that are curved and positioned by completely internal mechanisms to maintain smooth airfoil contours for peak aerodynamic efficiency, as well as, automated control permitting the pilot a wider range of operating modes with little or no increase in workload.
The F-111 with Its variable sweep wing and ability to fly at subsonic, transonic and supersonic speeds was selected as the ideal testbed for development, demonstration and flight test of MAW technology.


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