1646. 3-D Graphics as a Mass Properties Working Tool


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J Hargrave: 1646. 3-D Graphics as a Mass Properties Working Tool. 1985.



This paper deals with mass properties applications of 3-D computer graphics technology. Its intent is to familiarize the reader with 3-D analysis methods currently in use today. Some of the more general techniques used in viewing drawings are easy to learn and can be useful to most facets of weight engineering. The more sophisticated techniques require advanced skills. Proficiency in any of these methods is not considered essential for every mass properties engineer. However, better overall understanding of methods and capabilities afforded by this tool will increase and improve its usefulness.
Examples of applications are explained using primary steps and general terms. Basic approaches and concepts of this paper can easily be applied to many 3-D graphics systems. Specific details for implementing these methods will require varying levels of user experience with his own particular system.
Analysis techniques for surface area, volume, and fluid properties are developed for the case of a wet wing fuel tank. This example utilizes methods that would be necessary for the other examples. Also shown are examples that interface with the mainframe computer utilizing its capabilities for data analysis and sorting.
General 3-D viewing capabilities are useful tools for everyday interface with designers. This paper points out its advantagesover using blueprints. One significance of this tool is the immediate availability of current information. Changes can be tracked as they are made. This allows faster and more complete answers to trade studies. Another advantage is the graphics computers’ built-in functions that provide measurements and calculations with less human error and more accurate results. Also the 3-D display quickens general comprehension of a drawing.


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