1697. Automatical Loadsheet Preparation


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E Galjaard: 1697. Automatical Loadsheet Preparation. 1986.



At the larger airlines (KLM, 200 departures/day) it is not thinkable to produce loadsheets, flightplans etc. manually, specially in the high frequency environment. By the use of a computerized system we have the possibility to produce all necessary weight and balance data for each departure, fast, economical, accurate and within the safety limits. The system controls the assembly of all load data such as passengers, cargo, mail, operational items etc. to ensure that the total aircraft load complies with safe weight and balance limits. This presentation will briefly review the principal methods to produce an automated loadsheet at KLM (Royal Dutch Airlines). After this presentation the audience should be familiar with the basic structure of an automated loadsheet preparation and production at KLM.


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