1732. X-Wing – An Aircraft for the 21st Century


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J G Sutton, A C Sawicki: 1732. X-Wing - An Aircraft for the 21st Century. In: 45th Annual Conference, Williamsburg, Virginia, May 12-14, pp. 19, Society of Allied Weight Engineers, Inc., Williamsburg, Virginia, 1986.



The X-Wing concept offers the potential of being the first VTOL concept to provide efficient hover performance and fixed wing flight cruise speed without the weight penalties associated with dual lift systems. The X-Wing is a four bladed, extremely rigid rotor/wing which can be started and stopped in flight and uses circulation control blowing to produce lift and control. The concept has been under development for over 15 years and has reached the flight test hardware stage. Current and emerging technologies provide the basis for X-Wing air vehicles to be competitive in both weight empty fraction and payload/range. An X-Wing aircraft has the potential of meeting and exceeding the requirements of many US Navy missions. Anticipated in service date for production aircraft would be approximately the year 2000.


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