1760. Sizing Missile Guidance Systems


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J Pierson: 1760. Sizing Missile Guidance Systems. 1987, (L. R. ‘Mike’ Hackney Award).



The development of weight estimation methodology for missiles has been, for the most part, a neglected activity. On the plus side, sound tools have been built for estimating missile structures. However, methods for sizing missile components are typically quite crude and obsolete. This paper presents the results of an effort to develop better, more analytical methods for sizing components used in radar and infrared guided missiles. Included are procedures for estimating the weight of radomes, radar antennae, radar transmitters and receivers, infrared seekers, autopilots, computers and battery requirements. The primary objective was to build weight estimating tools which are analytical in nature, base on engineering relationships important to the design and function of the components. In cases where it was not possible to develop analytical methods, empirical methods were devised using constrained regression analysis techniques. The missile industry has progressed at a rapid pace in the packaging and miniaturization of missile components, especially with respect to electronics. This required the development of technology factors to apply to the empirical data allowing the combining of data spanning multiple technology eras. The methods presented provide a means for sizing future missile guidance components. In addition they provide a view back into the past, dramatically demonstrating the tremendous advancements which have been realized in guidance components. much more work remains to better complete the packaging of missile sizing methodology. The results presented in this paper represent an advancement but are not conceived as complete and mature. More effort should be expended, augmenting and even replacing these when better methods are found. Numerous other missile components such as propulsion, hydraulic and pneumatic power systems, and warheads also need support.


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