1832. Application of Micro Computers to Mass Properties Engineering


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D Mitter: 1832. Application of Micro Computers to Mass Properties Engineering. In: 47th Annual Conference, Plymouth, Michigan, May 23-25, pp. 33, Society of Allied Weight Engineers, Inc., Plymouth, Michigan, 1988.



The introduction of the 16 bit desktop microcomputer by IBM in 1982 heralded a new era for engineers. Application of the desktop microcomputer in daily usage in mass properties engineering is growing at a steady pace. This paper examines the current status of microcomputer applications and addresses the subjects of spreadsheet programs, database management programs, programming languages, hardware/software requirements, data security, and cost/value aspects. The paper concludes that application of the microcomputer offers significant benefits in the area of mass properties engineering and that it will play a major role in mass properties data processing applications for years to come.


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