1846. Mews II – A Second Generation Aircraft Weighing System


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D A Regillo: 1846. Mews II – A Second Generation Aircraft Weighing System. 1988.



The present trend in both commercial and military aeronautics design involves a continual increase in the size and weight of aircraft. This increase has resulted in an industry-wide concern over the weight (and weight distribution) of the vehicles as it relates to safe flight handling of aircraft and cost effective operations. To meet these concerns, accurate and efficient aircraft weighing is a must. Of the two methods of aircraft weighing, jacking and roll-on-scale, the latter is the most popular. A new scale system, the MEWS II (Mobile Electronic Weighing System), meets the demands of the industry for a rugged, accurate, easily handled, and simply transported system of roll-on type scales. Three components make up the MEWS II system core: The weighing platform, a ramp set for access to the platform, and a platform spacer for bogie configurations. Combinations of this core adapt to various aircraft wheel configurations. Use of state-of-the art concepts and components makes the MEWS II competitive in both performance and cost. In addition, the specially designed storage/shipping pallet provided with all MEWS systems allows fast storage, inter-hangar portability, and a shipping concept that is FAA certified for compatibility with standard aircraft freight regulations.


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