1882. Aircraft Platform Scales Without Sideload Induced Weighing Errors


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E Studlien: 1882. Aircraft Platform Scales Without Sideload Induced Weighing Errors. 1989.



Since the introduction of electronic load cells in aircraft weighing, sideload errors have plagued the industry. Sideload errors are simply inherent in most, if not virtually all, load cells and little could really be done about it – until the advent of the Metrox Platform. In the early part of this decade, North American Rockwell developed a requirement for an all-new state-of-the-art platform scale system for the B-lB Bomber. Metrox won the contract to design and build a platform system to these stringent requirements. Initial tests of the first platforms built for the B- I B program once again revealed the old bug-a-boo-sideload errors. The sideload problem was eliminated by re-designing the load beam mounting. Instead of a fixed, solidly bolted load beam, it was mounted so it could ”float”.


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