1909. Aircraft Cost Estimating: Weight Commonality as a Predictor


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M Scott: 1909. Aircraft Cost Estimating: Weight Commonality as a Predictor. 1989.



The FY 1989/90 Corporate Plan for the Naval Air Systems Command addresses the difficult choices that must be made over this period of constrained resources. Maximizing the use of existing resources may include more frequent reliance on derivatives or modifications of existing systems. This paper addresses one means of estimating such costs. The quality of the estimate that employs this analytical technique depends largely on the weight engineer’s assessment of ”peculiar” weight, that which is unique or new as a result of the change. The concept is akin to approaches using common and peculiar part counts. It is not a new technique; but although it has been employed by cost estimating professionals for over twenty years, no literature appears to be available that addresses the pitfalls which may be made through faulty definition of peculiar weight or by improper application of this approach. Addressed here are issues raised by weight engineers and analysts, within NAVAIR and industry, concerning interpretation and application of this approach.


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