1914. Weight Penalties for Emc Interference Control


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R V Carstensen: 1914. Weight Penalties for Emc Interference Control. 1989.



Electromagnetic compatibility is both a force enabler and a force multiplier. Electromagnetic interference can degrade warfighting capability. Interference energy can be controlled by absorption or reflection of unwanted energy, which can lead to weight penalties. Electronic sensors and processors are used to gain a technological advantage over hostile forces. As a consequence, these systems are used to multiply the effect of our limited combat resources. Full warfighting capability in air weapon systems depends, on the proper functioning of high technology electronic sensors and processors. Adverse electromagnetic environmental effects can degrade the operational effectiveness of these complex electronic systems. Therefore, electromagnetic interference control has become a force enabler which is vital for preserving warfighting capability. The purpose of this paper is to describe the nature of the electromagnetic environment (EME) and those techniques available to control EMI which result in weight penalties for their use.


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