1947. MPAS (Mass Properties Analysis System) a Fully Integrated Relational Database System


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J D Munter: 1947. MPAS (Mass Properties Analysis System) a Fully Integrated Relational Database System. 1990.



The size and complexity of mass properties databases that aerospace companies must maintain dictates the requirement for sophisticated database handling and analysis tools. Mass properties engineers can no longer be just ”keepers” of the data; we must be information managers. A comprehensive Database Management System (DBMS) will utilize the techniques that represent the most efficient way to process mass properties data from conceptual and preliminary design through full scale production. Access to the information is the key. The ”look and feel” of the computing system will lead toward or away from productivity. If the user can look at the data in a flexible way then he will be productive. The system presented in this paper utilizes relational technology for data storage and retrieval and (traditional) sequential file technology for complex analysis and large report processing. The tools that are provided with the relational technology software package are used to create the working environment (i.e., the screens and menus). The decision to utilize relational technology in mass properties engineering is strategic (long term) not tactical (short term). For mass properties engineering to better serve the aerospace community, mass properties engineering applications should take advantage of relational technology as a natural complement to their existing mass properties analysis tools.


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