1976. Explosively Welded Composites for Radiation Shielding


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D G Brasher: 1976. Explosively Welded Composites for Radiation Shielding. 1990.



The present day space satellite contains extremely sophisticated electronics that have been shown to malfunction due to bombardment from space radiation. The radiation of concern to designers includes natural radiation and the threat of event radiation. Natural radiation is basically derived from the sun and includes protons and electrons plus a small amount of heavy ions. Event radiation is derived from a nuclear blast and includes intense X-rays, nuclear gamma rays, and neutrons. Recently, Northwest Technical Industries, Inc. (NTI) has begun to fabricate composite shielding panels which may allow design engineers more freedom and payload engineers more weight. Utilizing physicists data on high performance shielding, NTI has fabricated composites of heavy metals sandwiched between alloy aluminum. These metallurgically bonded sheets are able to be further fabricated by rolling, drawing, or machining. Selected heat treatments can also be done after forming the bonded sheet. By integrating the heavy metals into an aluminum ”shell,” shielding can be incorporated easily into the vehicle’s structure. This would eliminate costly and difficult post fabrication shielding.


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