2043. Exceling at Spreadsheet Development for Mass Properties Analysis


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F Gruman: 2043. Exceling at Spreadsheet Development for Mass Properties Analysis. 1991.



The main thrust of this paper is to show how the Microsoft Excel spreadsheet program can be used to perform-n mass properties analysis and the use of it as an alternative to developing custom FORTRAN, Pascal, or C programs. The paper begins with a brief overview of the Microsoft Excel program and its features. It then describes basic techniques for developing spreadsheets using a weight loading page as an example. It provides programming tips such as using the array function to calculate centers of gravity. The paper then discusses some rules for designing spreadsheets such as documentation, using notes, and dating. The paper further expands on the basic spreadsheet by introducing the concept of multiple spreadsheets which can be linked to one another. It then introduces the concept of macros and the ability to develop self contained interactive applications within Excel using customized menus and dialog boxes. It summarizes with some observations on Excel and lists some mass properties problems which have been solved using Excel.


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