2049. Automated Weight and Balance System


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P Quinlivan: 2049. Automated Weight and Balance System. 1991.



The Automated Weight and Balance System (AWBS) is a computer program that utilizes a desktop computer and floppy disk to fill out the necessary military weight and balance charts and forms. Aircraft weight data is stored on floppy disks and may be updated via the computer, thus reducing mathematical errors and increasing efficiency. The AWBS was approved for Air Force use in October 1986 by ASD/ENFSS (Air Force Weight and Balance OPR) as the standard automated weight and balance computer program to be used. The printouts of this program are acceptable in lieu of the DD 365-1 (Chart A – Basic Weight Checklist Record), DD 365-2 (Form B Aircraft Weighing Record), DD 365-3 (Chart C – Basic Weight and Balance Record), and DD 365-4 (Weight and Balance Clearance Form F – Transport and Tactical) forms. In addition to the Air Force, the Army, Navy, Reserves, National Guard, numerous DOD contractors, and several foreign nations are using the program.


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