2065. Electronic Weight Management System (EWMS) Cradle to Grave Weights: an Automated Approach


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M A Wood: 2065. Electronic Weight Management System (EWMS) Cradle to Grave Weights: an Automated Approach. 1992.



Weight engineering has come a long way in the last decade. Calculation sheets have been replaced by weight databases. Manual methods are now accomplished with computer applications. Engineering, in general, is now becoming less and less paper dependent and becoming more electronically diversified in many ways. To stay effective in this constantly changing environment, weight engineers must have the right tools that will allow them to do their job. The weight engineer must receive information from a wide variety of Engineering Design and Management applications and drawing release systems and provide information to an extremely diversified customer list, both internal and external. The Electronic Weight Management System (EWMS) is a series of programs designed to provide the mass properties tools needed to do the day-to-day work; however, EWMS does not stop with mass properties applications. The EWMS philosophy is to integrate all mass properties software and to create interfaces with CAD/CAM systems, other engineering software and systems, drawing release systems, management applications, and internal and external networks. EWMS will provide the capability for weight engineers to have a common or standard method for communicating between disparate weight systems. In the new marketplace, no one company will be solely responsible for a product. A quality product will depend on successful communication between primary and support companies and their customer. EWMS is an automated total mass properties system to support the mass properties effort from the cradle to the grave.


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