2129. A New Spin Balance Machine


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Richard Boynton, R Bell: 2129. A New Spin Balance Machine. 1993.



This paper describes a new low speed vertical axis aerospace gin balance machine which takes advantage of recent advances in technology. This machine measures moment of inertia (MOI) in addition to product of inertia (POI) and center of gravity (CG) offset. Spin speeds as low as 15 RPM yield useful results. This machine has a number of unique features. The operation is totally automatic; even the conversion from spin balance to moment of inertia measurement can be accomplished without the operator touching the machine, Gas bearing technology is used throughout, resulting in unrivaled sensitivity and accuracy. This paper includes a mathematical analysis of the errors of measurement as a function of the relative magnitudes of POI and CG unbalance, the moment equations which relate the transducer forces to payload POI and CG offset, and a practical discussion of fixturing and accessory equipment needed to properly balance an aerospace payload.


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