2220. Center of Gravity Envelope Development, 747-400F


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E W Davis: 2220. Center of Gravity Envelope Development, 747-400F. 1994.



This paper is written to explain the logic behind the development of the gross weight versus CG envelope for the Boeing 747-400F. This paper takes the CG envelope of the 747-400F and attempts to describe the basis for each and every line and each and every intersection in the CG envelope for the 747-400F. This paper was written by a weights engineer for use by other weights engineers at Boeing and at the Airlines. In my position at Boeing, I frequently receive questions from the Airlines asking what causes the CG limits in the Airplane Flight Manual and the Weight and Balance Manual. Hopefully this paper will help address some of these questions and help sort out the combination of history and new design that combine together to formulate the CG envelope for a derivative airplane like the 747-400F.


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