2268. Weight – Cost – Schedule Interactions in Aircraft Rapid Prototyping


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G Dr. Bennett: 2268. Weight – Cost – Schedule Interactions in Aircraft Rapid Prototyping. 1995.



The weight-cost-schedule interactions of several prototype composite aircraft projects conducted at the Raspet Flight Research laboratory are discussed. It has been found that the customer?s definition of the project schedule, funding level, and objectives has a major effect on the weight efficiency of the completed vehicle. The RFRL safety requirements also influence the weight. It has been found that the expertise of the development team is the controlling factor in delivering a project on schedule. Very short schedules limits the configuration optimization which impacts the weight. A brief discussion of a weight_cost_schedule model based on RFRL project experience is given. The impact of CAD-CAM software and large 5 axis routers of RFRL prototype projects is discussed.


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