2311. Mass Properties Exchange Format Recommendations for a Standard


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G W Fleck: 2311. Mass Properties Exchange Format Recommendations for a Standard. 1996.



The author presents his vision of how we can easily share mass properties information between computer applications and platforms. His goal is to establish a standard for the electronic exchange of mass properties data. This paper is written with the intention of generating interest and discussion in creating a mass properties exchange format standard. A standard that is defined and supported by the Society of Allied Weight Engineers. First an overview of the diversity of applications used to create and track mass properties information is given. The many situations that create the desire to share data between these applications are identified. The issues and challenges this standard must address are presented. Based on his years of experience in developing custom translators for mass properties applications, the author presents his proposal for a standard Mass Properties Exchange (MPEX) format. The features of this format are presented and its many advantages discussed. By developing an MPEX standard we could significantly reduce the time required to build and maintain our mass properties databases by enabling electronic data transfer.


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