2312. Developing SAWE World- Wide Web Sites


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W L Peterson: 2312. Developing SAWE World- Wide Web Sites. 1996.



The purpose of this paper is to introduce the goals for SAWE Internet affiliation and the guidelines and requirements that should be followed when creating SAWE documents for the World-Wide Web. This paper documents the list of appropriate material for on-line publication compiled by the Internet Affiliation Committee. This list is not intended to be an all inclusive list or a burden to the process of publishing SAWE information. The intention of the list is to make individual members aware that the material published should represent the views of the Society and therefore should not be detrimental to the Society’s image. Material not appropriate for publication on SAWE websites is also provided along with the rationale for exclusion. Information is also provided that should aid in the creation of SAWE Chapter web sites. Advice for finding an existing server to host chapter web sites is given along with how to setup a new server. References are provided for obtaining World-Wide Web server software, authoring utilities, and documentation on placing information on the Web. The intent of this paper is to make the process of setting up a server and populating it with information less intimidating.


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