2366. Automated Form F for the F-16


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H R Smoot: 2366. Automated Form F for the F-16. 1997.



With the evolution of the F-16 Weapon System, Weight and Balance Technicians face the complex task of generating Clearance Forms (Form F’s) for the F-16. With time, the limiting weight and balance factors have become more complex. Many errors in interpreting the weight and center-of-gravity results have occurred. The production additional F-16 Block types increases the number of weight limits, in-flight limits, tire limits, nose wheel steering limits, and fuel capacities. Multiple limits make identifying unsafe aircraft even more critical. The purpose of this paper is to describe a software program, Automated Form F (AFF), which uses data from F-16 weight and balance technical orders to automate the generation of Form Fs. AFF uses aircraft effectivity data to determine the aircraft Block and calculate the forward and aft limits, and determine fuel tank capacities. It calculates all center-of-gravity limits, in-flight limits, and fuel weights and moments. AFF also calculates most forward and most aft conditions. Out-of-limit conditions are displayed in red. This paper provides a history of the development of AFF, its current capabilities, and a discussion of future development. It includes graphics of AFF’s user interface screens. AFF is a Microsoft Windows application that provides all the enhancements of a Windows environment. AFF is currently used throughout the world by the United States Air Force, Air Force Reserves, and Air National Guard. The goal is to increase capabilities to identify unsafe aircraft. A byproduct is the reduced time required to identify aircraft. With modification, the application could benefit other aircraft.


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