2367. Good Design – For You and Your Users


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J D Munter: 2367. Good Design – For You and Your Users. 1997.



A well-designed client-server or Web-based application will provide the right foundation for both the users and the development team. Applications and components should be written with three key principles in mind, in priority order: 1) get the data to the user as fast as possible; 2) make the application easy to maintain; and 3) allow for application growth without rewrite. This paper will describe, in detail, the techniques that we used to develop an application that accomplished these three key design goals. The user interface is both easy and fast. The underlying client application is written so that it is simple to maintain, allow for further development, and to not get in the way of the user. As long as I have been developing client server applications, an adage ingrained in me is that, ”To make it easier for the user, it has to be harder for the developer.” Although I still do not fundamentally disagree with this statement, our development team has been able to make great strides in debunking it.


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