2375. Weight Control Overview S-92 Medium Lift Helicopter Program


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N Sostilio: 2375. Weight Control Overview S-92 Medium Lift Helicopter Program. 1997.



The S-92 is a medium lift helicopter developed to meet the latest commercial safety standards (FAR/JAR 29). The development of an aircraft always comes with new challenges and the S-92 is no exception. Some of these challenges always seem to remain the same from program to program such as solving difficult technical issues and finding ways to meet schedule and budget commitments. The S-92 development program came with these challenges along with some unique ones, many brought on by the environment which is different from Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation’s historical business experience including: 1. The S-92 is a commercial program rather than a government/military program. 2. Suppliers have participated in the program as partners with Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation(SAC) rather than in a more traditional supplier relationship. 3. Partnership has involved foreign firms with significantly different cultures, value systems and motivators. Each of the above factors has brought new and unique challenges to the entire S-92 team. Being a commercial program brought new competitive pressures and cost constraints particularly in light of the fact that the program is being funded entirely by SAC, partner and supplier funds with no specific or guaranteed customers. New FAR/JAR 29 design requirements such as flaw tolerance, high intensity radiated fields (HIRF), bird strike, competitive issues including crashworthiness, cost (acquisition and maintenance) and cabin size, and new approaches to building the aircraft including build to order all brought on unique challenges faced by the team. While it was the original intention of this paper to provide a complete overview of the S-92 weight control efforts and the unique challenges faced by S-92 Mass Properties personnel which included in-house as well as partner issues, a decision was made to focus on the weight control techniques and challenges involved in having international partners. Unique challenges faced by the weight control team include: Partners – five international Transfer of weight control techniques and methodology Development of Weight Allocations Partner Interface Issues The new and unique challenges of the in-house design can be the subject of a future SAWE paper.


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