3008. The Systems Engineering Role in Mass Properties


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Jonathan Morgan: 3008. The Systems Engineering Role in Mass Properties. 2000.



For missile Engineering Manufacturing and Development (EMD) programs, mass properties is defined as the weight, center of gravity, moment of inertia, and roll unbalance of the missile. Mechanical and Systems Engineering departments continually debate over control of mass properties. Systems Engineering has the advantage of knowing the top level requirements, requirements flowdown, and the ability to allocate budgets accordingly, including mass properties. Program decisions are all made at the systems level and require a systems engineer to flow into lower level requirements. The Mechanical group has close contact with the hardware and an intimate knowledge of the buildup of the missile. Unfortunately, they do not have close contact with all the design and simulation teams requiring mass properties, or understand some of the program level requirements that influence mass properties. Mass properties are used by many organizations and have special needs that the Systems Engineering Team is best able to meet and the Systems Engineering approach to mass properties will be addressed in the paper. Regardless of which department claims the Mass Properties Engineer, the information provided will help give any engineer a better understanding of the importance and correct use of mass properties.


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