3018. Morphing Aerostructures aka Smart Structures and Systems


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Edward White: 3018. Morphing Aerostructures aka Smart Structures and Systems. 2000.



Smart Structures are structures with highly integrated, often embedded, sensors and/or actuators along with control or information processing systems. The sensors and actuators often employ so called’SmartMaterials’. Such materials exhibit strong changes in shape, size and/or mechanical, electrical or optical properties in response to a controllable stimulus(actuators) or to an induced or natural environment (sensors), or do both. Their purpose may be to change the structure’s static, dynamic or aeroelastic properties and/or monitor the health or performance of the structure.Within the Boeing Phantom Works Structures Technology organization, the Smart Structures and Systems team has over eight years of experience in both contracted and internal research and development in the field of Smart Structures.The presentation will be made by Mr.Edward White, Team Leader of the Smart Structures and Systems Team, and will cover an introduction to Smart Structures and present conclusions on future directions of Smart structures technology and its implications to Mass Properties Engineering.


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