3026. Electron Beam Welding of F-22 Aft Fuselage Primary Structures


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Robert Zenas: 3026. Electron Beam Welding of F-22 Aft Fuselage Primary Structures. 2000.



Two major components of the rear fuselage of the F-22 Raptor fighter, the forward and aft boom assemblies, were designed and fabricated as monolithic weldments in order to achieve a significant weight savings. This was a challenging task, as these components are fracture/durability critical, load bearing structures that attach the wings and vertical stabilizers to the fuselage and support the horizontal stabilizers. They also form part of the engine bay compartment, have aerodynamic surfaces/contours, and provide internal fuel storage. These highly efficient structures are made from over 90 separate pieces of 6Al-4V titanium alloy. Over 3,600 inches of full penetration electron beam welding are required to fabricate the four assemblies for each ship set.


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