3146. Predictive Weight Accounting Within a Multidiciplinary Engineering Organisation


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Douglas Smith, Cheeseman: 3146. Predictive Weight Accounting Within a Multidiciplinary Engineering Organisation. 2001.



There is an obvious requirement to maintain and document Aircraft weight at all stages of an Aircraft project. The standard of information available to the weight engineer changes, becoming gradually more detailed as the project continues. Different weight capturing methods are suited to particular phases of a project and provide subtly different types of weight data.
In the early phases of a project there is no particular specific design available. Data takes the form of a list of project requirements and some engineering solutions which detail how certain aspects of that design are to be realised. In this phase of a project, the weight engineer is providing a predicted weight, not the weight of a particular design instance. He is telling the project what a design should weigh, not what a particular design does weigh. This activity is supported by a varied selection of weight prediction methods, which are examined in this paper.


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